Stefan Williams

Stefan Williams is the co-founder of Campaigntrack, the marketing platform driving property marketing of agencies and agents nationwide.
  • Hands up if you’re a sheep and follow what everyone else does… Just kidding: sheep don’t have hands! The relevance of that bad joke is that if you just do what everyone else does all the time, you’re not going to stand out. It’s a good segue to the story of our own digital marketing product. Like many in the real…

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  • Real estate is an intriguing business, don’t you think? You get a job as an agent and, unlike most other jobs, your progression and pay rises are not a matter of impressing the boss so much as how you build your own small business within the agency you work for. Sure, you may be given leads sometimes and be included on other…

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  • AREC 2018 will be highly informative, like all before it. A host of guest speakers will again speak of the evolving world of real estate sales; many will remind the audience just how critical their digital presence is to their growing success and long-term survival. Of course, everyone knows this already; but inspirational speakers have a way of reinforcing and inspiring their…

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