Paul Davies

Paul Davies is a real estate veteran who has owned and run many different models of real estate businesses over four decades. As CEO & founder of the One Agency real estate network, he offers a low-cost licensing model to help experienced agents start their own business. Visit for more information.

    Is now a good time to start your own real estate agency?

    After a few years, many agents dream of starting their own real estate business. Independence allows you to make business decisions and, in the process, grow in confidence. However, many real estate agents struggle to work out the right time to leap into freedom. Right now, with a softening market, it can be daunting for those of you considering to…

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  • Elite Agent

    Planning Ahead: Revenue vs. Profit

    WHAT SHOULD REAL ESTATE businesses be doing today to make themselves sustainable for the future? Paul Davies gives his opinion. THE MARKET HAS been very strong in most major centres across the country and, as ever with an extended robust period, there will come a time when the market slows down. There is a real possibility ahead for reduced activity,…

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