Nick Boyd

Nick Boyd is coach, trainer and speaker to many elite real estate agents and brands. With at least 50 workshops and 10 keynote presentations every year, his expertise in sales and personal development has been recognised and utilised in many different industries.

    Will it be make or break?

    In real estate we’re fixated on searching for the next new thing. In fact, looking for the next solution or product that will transform our business is practically built into our DNA. But the thing that makes us is also the thing that can break us. Over the past five years our industry has transitioned from a corner store-style, relationship…

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    Office of the future: Nick Boyd

    Our industry has seen a remarkable transformation already: new emerging brands, new property portals offering referral fee leads and new customer service platforms introducing AI technology, just to name a few. Many of these advances and changes stem from external resources trying to either create positive steps in our industry or take a slice of the pie. All these changes…

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  • Elite Agent

    Team Building: What’s Stopping You?

    THE TREND TOWARD having a high-performance team around a lead agent is only at the infancy stage of opportunities this type of arrangement can deliver. If you’ve been putting off reinforcing your business because of cost or some other reason, coach Nick Boyd says it’s time to look at things in a different way. A CROSS THE INDUSTRY the majority…

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