Nhi Chang

Nhi Chang is a product owner at Console - a property management software company. Having an extremely passionate, positive and enthusiastic nature about everything in life, Nhi brings her passion of real estate, agile development and technology together and exposes the joys of PropTech.
  • Because we cannot see into the future, predictions tend to be vague. Economists predict you’ll need to be agile and adaptable, and that you’ll have to ‘deal with information’. These are conceptual ideas. They don’t tell us what will happen to our spreadsheets. They don’t indicate if we’ll still need a virtual assistant in two years. The tech providers making…

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  • We live in the digital era which is quickly paving the way for the future, but adapting to the needs and demands of a tech-focused world can often be scary. When people hear the word ‘automation’, there is a natural fear because the thought of minimising human intervention leads to an assumption of ‘less to do’ or ‘blocking relationships’. The…

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