Lucas Bikowski

Lucas Bikowski is Managing Director and Senior SEO Strategist at SEO Shark, a digital marketing agency. Lucas’s experience in the industry spans over 15 years and includes contracts with dozens of enterprise clients, as well as small and large businesses. Visit
  • Understanding the keyword research process is key to earn a high ranking on search engine pages, especially with users relying on Google for their queries. Keyword research is the process of discovering the specific words and phrases potential customers are typing into search engines to find agencies in your area. This requires you to research actual search terms into Google…

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  • To the uninitiated, search engine optimisation (SEO) can seem incredibly complex. Experts will tell you it is a constantly changing discipline and requires a great deal of attention for it to work effectively. Although individual tactics and strategies may vary depending on search engine algorithm updates, there are fundamental SEO guidelines that should be simple enough to adhere to, even…

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