Jon Ellis

Jon Ellis is the Founder and CEO of Investorist, the property industry’s leading off the plan property marketplace. Investorist surveyed 201 of their customers, leaders in the property industry, about their sentiments over the coming financial year.
  • With average residential real estate sales commissions generally around 1.5 to 2.5 per cent, earning six per cent on every sale sounds pretty attractive, right? Nice work if you can get it? As a suburban agent, your ‘work’ is primarily to secure listings. Get the listing, negotiate the advertising budget with the vendor and sell the property when the right…

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  • As a global company with offices in Australia, China, the US and the UK operating a leading marketplace for off the plan property, we’ve learned a thing or two about attracting and targeting buyers all over the world. If you’re an agent who currently only sells to local buyers whilst your competitors seem to get a bigger slice of the…

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  • I’ve worked in the off the plan property industry for almost 15 years now, so have seen the industry shift gears more than a few times. But recently we have been confronted with an unprecedented storm of activity causing uncertainty, from scathing media headlines to banking Royal Commissions to cash-grabbing state governments. So I did what any CEO of a…

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