John McGrath

John McGrath is the CEO of McGrath Real Estate.
  • Thank you our Week 1 sponsor: Core Logic Australia. CoreLogic have also provided the supersix access to RP Professional for the 12 week Transform challenge, allowing them to get ahead of the game with the numbers in their local area. More on that in Week 2, but like the supersix you can be an expert in your local area by finding…

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  • John McGrath, Chief Executive of McGrath Estate Agents, says “Ignore the economy and your competitors, and focus on what really matters” There are only two places you can be in your business – on track or off track. Nowhere else. The same can be said for the rest of your life as well. Where are you today? On or off…

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  • Extreme Personal Makeover- Real Estate

    As a new year begins, there is no better time to review the previous 12 months and take your life to a whole new level. Real Estate legend, John McGrath, shares his tips for making this year your best ever. If nothing changes, nothing changes. One of my favourite reminders to myself has always been that if we want something…

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