Hayley Baxter

Hayley Baxter

Hayley Baxter specialises as a content strategist, writer and social media editor for Console. As a marketing professional, Hayley has developed an eye for quality data, hype versus reality, and identifying trends worth following. For more information visit console.com.au
  • Brand Editorial
    Photo of Daily grind or creative mind?

    Daily grind or creative mind?

    Technology may be getting more sophisticated every day, and slowly cannibalising manual tasks and administration, but data shows it’s not a future of robot overlords we face, so much as technology-assisted work. That’s good news. Tech that cuts out admin and gives us powerful insights into our customers frees us… …

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  • EPM: Technology & Social
    Photo of Four marketing trends that matter in 2020

    Four marketing trends that matter in 2020

    This year will not be the year of artificial intelligence, but you’re sure going to hear a lot about it. While AI, augmented reality and things like blockchain work on closing the gap between market promise and market reality, plenty of other important trends are set to hit the Australian… …

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