Evan Broadbent

Evan Broadbent is the Managing Director of Harcourts Warragul and the Founder and CEO of Quickrealestate.com.au.

    How efficiency can give you the edge: Evan Broadbent

    Finding and implementing new processes can benefit agents significantly, not only through increased revenues or margins but often by providing their clients with a better level of service, cost savings or – even better – both. Currently, most agencies use a CRM software that assists them in the listing and selling process. This type of software has come a long way…

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    7 Reasons Why Quick Sales Are Good Sales

    There are many reasons why a quick sale can be a fantastic result for all parties involved. Evan Broadbent lists his seven top reasons why every agent should have strategies in place that facilitate these transactions. The buzz you feel from a quick sale that has resulted in both a happy vendor and happy purchaser more than compensates for that…

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