Christina Guidotti

Christina Guidotti is one of Australia’s leading experts on belief, conviction and commitment in the areas of sales, leadership, productivity, achievement and fulfilment. As a powerful and inspiring speaker, author, and mentor she partners with individuals and teams to create sustainable outcomes. For more information visit
  • CHRISTINA GUIDOTTI’S SECOND book The True Believers was released in 2014. Sharing an extract, she demonstrates how the courage and conviction of a ‘true believer’ can overcome inertia when it comes to achieving in real estate. ONE YEAR AT the Australasian Real Estate Awards, I remember sitting with my team watching the winners go up on stage and feeling inspired.…

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  • THE FOLLOWING IS AN extract from Christina Guidotti’s new book The True Believers, where she explains the importance of mastering the three superpowers of belief, conviction and commitment. IN MY LATEST book, The True Believers, I share how to use the three superpowers of belief, conviction and commitment to reach fulfilment. And although this final step on the growth ladder…

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  • THERE ARE SO MANY stories of agents climbing the ladder of success. The definition of success does vary, but as agents we have a lot in common. We want similar things from our lives: peace of mind, good health, meaningful and loving relationships, recognition for what we do, and financial freedom. A real estate career can be the perfect way…

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