Brendan Lawley

Brendan Lawley spent over a decade in the real estate industry as CEO of Brad Teal Real Estate. He is currently the Director and Owner of Thunder Road Fitness

    ‘Ladies and Gentlemen…’ a guide to public speaking

    BRENDAN LAWLEY GUIDES us through the perils of public speaking, from preparation and content to overcoming the dreaded nerves. Whether your Board of Directors wants a comprehensive department overview or Nancy is getting married, as an agent or a senior person in your department, sooner or later you will be required to give a speech or make a presentation. Broadly…

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  • Elite Agent

    Is Gen Y Driving Your Business or Driving You Nuts?

    BRENDAN LAWLEY, CEO of Brad Teal Real Estate, looks at the impact of a younger workforce on the industry. How can we attract and retain the present generation into our business and have them perform at their peak? IF YOU’RE THE principal or office manager of a real estate business, it’s almost impossible to ignore discussions or commentary regarding Generation…

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