Aimee Engelmann

Aimee Engelmann ran a marketing agency for eight years before selling up in 2015 to concentrate on Beepo, an outsourcing provider for growing Real Estate brands. For more information visit
  • Outsourcing basic office tasks to the Philippines has recently gained a good deal of attention. The benefits are compelling and the idea of freeing up your team to focus on more important aspects makes complete sense for many, but the practical details may put others off. Aimee Engelmann explains the tools you’ll need in your office to manage the virtual…

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  • Once upon a time, advertising agencies created the majority of ads, and these all competed with each other on TV, Radio and Print mediums. The best creative and placement would win and that was how the game was played. Now we are in the age of the ‘attention economy.’ We are carrying around in our pockets one of the most…

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