Aussie startup HomePrezzo set to launch in US

A startup that allows realtors to create animated videos to show how their local property market is performing is set to expand to the US.

Australian start-up, HomePrezzo, helps realtors create eye catching local area videos in under two minutes. The platform also offers social media infographic templates, rental templates and property listings.

“Research from MIT shows that the human brain processes image literally in the blink of an eye, which means watching a video is an infinitely faster way of absorbing information and a lot less taxing on your brain” said HomePrezzo founder, Nathan Krisanski.

“That’s an important thing to understand as a realtor. It means that when you show a buyer or seller information about their market in an appealing, visual way, they’re more likely to understand and remember it, and as a result feel more informed which builds trust.”

Nathan Krisanksi

Add to that the statistics about the increase in video watching (60 per cent of consumers plan to watch more video on social this year according to CoreLogic), and it’s reach through social (92 per cent of mobile users share videos with others).

“We’ve got around 1800 users on the system currently, who have created a total of 6000 minutes of video,” said Mr Krisanski.

“Each video is less than 90 seconds, making them perfectly timed to watch on Facebook while we also have shorter Instagram friendly graphics.”

All templates are customised with the realtors photo, brokerage logo, brand colours and contact details. The videos show statistics such as sales prices, number of listings, rent, and recent sales.

When the templates are inserted onto a realtor website via the wordpress plugin or iframe, the data automatically updates, making it possible to create low-touch local area pages with information that is always current. In Australia, HomePrezzo is linked to an API from CoreLogic to show property values, recent comparable sales, rentals and properties on the market.

The startup has just launched in New Zealand and is coming to INMAN Connect to continue its international rollout.

As well as standard templates, HomePrezzo has a solution that allows a brokerage to create their own customised storyboards for both video, social designs, plain text and reports. In Australia, one client now produces 160 four-page reports in a day (including spot checking), while a second creates up to 80 reports in just a few hours.

HomePrezzo uses Adobe InDesign files to create templates for enterprise solutions providing unprecedented flexibility for marketers.

“Most marketers get frustrated with data programs because they are clunky and awkward around how they handle brand collateral or the limitations of the design. With HomePrezzo, the client designs their artwork and we map our data to it – the style and aesthetic is completely theirs,” said Mr Krisanski.

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