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Real Estate Group Almost Doubles the Number of Members in 12 Months

@realty are a brand on the move, with an interesting and different business model that enables agents to operate autonomously under the @realty brand. Providing enhanced marketing services for agents wishing to have their own business, the brand has grown from 180 agents at the beginning of 2016 to 335 agents at the end of November.

The Group started on the Gold Coast in February 2014 and now has operations in five states, including Qld, NSW, Vic, WA and SA, and, in the 12 months to the end of November this year, has settled over 1,100 properties.

Director JJ Taylor has said that he is thrilled with the expansion so far this year, and next year has his sights set on further growth. “We are still recruiting agents and will continue to do so. Our goal is to reach 700 agents by the end of next year.”

Mr Taylor also says that most of the new agents who have joined the company have been referrals from current agents. “Agents find it refreshing that we deliver on our promises. We don’t treat our agents like they are children; they are not required to attend meetings or hit certain KPIs. They have the freedom to work where they want, how they want and when they want. This is a very refreshing approach to what agents are used to in traditional real estate offices.”

@realty return a relatively high commission to the agent. Licensed real estate agents earn 93 percent of the gross sale commission, and certificate holders earn 85 percent of the gross sale commission. But Mr Taylor also says that for this reason @realty only consider experienced agents. “Because we are paying them more than twice the industry average for commission splits, we also expect a higher level of professionalism and experience from our agents.

“This way, we can provide a higher level of service to our buyers and sellers.”

Additionally, using their bespoke CRM and software, @realty agents can operate without a shopfront and can work anywhere, at any time, via the cloud. They also often assist each other in helping buyers and sellers come together. “@realty agents are always willing to conjunct on a property and are happy to use their joint networks to help bring vendors and buyers together,” says Mr Taylor.

The software platform takes care of client presentations, including the ability to create a CMA, brochures, flyers and other marketing tools. The total cost of $275 per month also covers things like trust accounting and other back office support.

For more information visit atrealtycareers.com.au.


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