Ask the Coach: How to Stand Out in your Marketing Campaign

Top coach Claudio Encina is back to answer some of the final questions from the Transform 2017 #supersix, this time on how to stand out with your marketing campaign.

As a new agent who’s about to launch a marketing campaign, should I take the risk and stand out with a bit of pizazz? Conservative or be a purple cow? – Leanne Druery, Gardian Real Estate

I believe before knowing which path to take with a marketing campaign you need to ask yourself some of the following questions.  

  • Do I know my client?
  • What are my degrees of separation to my competition?
  • What is my value proposition in the market place?
  • Do I have a purple cow?
  • If you do have something special in your business that you believe can make you stand out from the competition, go for it.  

Take the approach needed to set yourself up on the three main platforms of your business:

  1. Traditional: Letterbox drops, door knocking, phone calls.
  2. Digital: Ensure you develop a digital footprint; for example, Agent Profiles, LinkedIn, personal website and so on. Check the profiles and make sure they’re up to date.
  3. Social Media: As a cost per lead, social media can be supereffective and have a bigger reach to masses of people you serve in your community, with direct marketing to the right people.

Everything in moderation is my advice.

I’m often asked, “What should my budget be for personal marketing? The rule of thumb is around six per cent of your income after the splits with the office and franchise fees. For example, if you earned $100,000, you would invest $6,000 as a budget for the next 12 months.

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