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Ask the Coach: The Prospecting Mindset

Real estate coach and performance mentor, Claudio Encina is in the hot seat answering your most pressing questions around everything to do with sales productivity and process.

Prospecting is a ‘dirty word’ – what can I do to change my mindset around it? – Andrew Burns, McGrath Hornsby

Start by seeing prospecting as fun. Think of it as going into your Zone of Genius where you reach into your potential, ability, talent and creativeness. Here are some tips to make prospecting more enjoyable.

1. Do something fun before you get started. Being in a great state of mind is key if you want to perform at a high level. Play awesome music that will uplift you, grab a coffee (or a green drink), listen to something inspirational on a podcast; whatever will get you in a motivated state.

2. Connect with the end result and how you will feel after you have made the calls. It always feels good when you take quality action; action that produces a result. Visualise booking those market appraisals before you pick up the phone or go on that doorknock.

3. Celebrate every call. No matter if it’s a good call or a not so good call, after you speak to someone do a little dance to celebrate doing it!

4. Connect with the person and have a laugh with them. Imagine they are your best friend and have fun when you talk to them. Think about the why behind the call and add lots of value. Smile when you’re on the phone as it does come through in your tone of voice.

Changing your mindset starts with being in a peak state to make the calls while seeing prospecting in a different, more lighthearted way.

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