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Ask the Coach: How Can I Change To Make the Next Quarter Count?

Real estate coach and performance mentor, Claudio Encina is in the hot seat answering your most pressing questions around everything to do with sales productivity and process.

Q. I had an ordinary start to the first quarter of the year; how can I change to make the next quarter count? Rick Mancini – McGrath Liverpool

Focus on the responsibilities and the strategies that will make every quarter a successful quarter. Here are five questions attached to five strategies:

1. Where is your pipeline? Your pipeline of expected or potential business has to be at least triple your sales goal. Most salespeople and sales managers fail to measure the dollar value of their sales pipeline of potential business. If your sales goal is $100k in a quarter, then your pipeline must be at least $300k. The reality of sales would be a 30 per cent closing rate, so three times your sales goal versus sales pipeline is the rule.

2. Where is your work ethic? In these times, the best ethic you can have is a great work ethic. Start an hour earlier and stay an hour later. That’s the work ethic that will produce results.

3. Where is your attitude? Pressure can get to your outlook. Now is the time to put on your game-day attitude, starting early in the morning. Just read or listen to inspirational messages every day. Your positive attitude is a precious asset – protect it.

4. Where is your responsibility? In tough and high-pressure times, it’s easy to blame everyone but yourself. Resist the temptation. Rather, take responsibility for people not returning your call, cancelling appointments and other ‘easy-blame’ opportunities. Learn from experience, figure out a better way and make sure it only happens once.

5. Are you fishing where the fish are? If you want more sales and listings, identify the hot pockets in the areas that are moving and shaking. Make a plan each week and look for the gold nuggets of properties that are selling and in which areas; you will definitely catch more fish!

If you attack this quarter with these five strategies, you will be screaming, ‘I did it!’

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