Ask the Coach: How Can I Start To Develop Market Share?

Real estate coach and performance mentor, Claudio Encina is in the hot seat answering your most pressing questions around everything to do with sales productivity and process.

Q. I have some agents dominating my marketplace. How can I start to develop market share? What’s the formula? Rod McGrath – Professionals Allawah

You are either dominating or competing in your marketplace. If you compete, you will always compete on fees, marketing, services, and so on. Make a plan to buy a piece of people’s minds in the focus area or business development area (BDA) that you service so that, when they are thinking of selling or buying, your name and the company you represent come to mind.

For example, if you created a 12-month letterbox marketing plan, this is what the formula would look like:

BDA formula: Promote consistently = Trust = Resource = Trusted Resource!

Letterbox drops are extremely effective in the BDA. Why?

  1. Create visual impression.
  2. Communicate consistency.
  3. Make you the trusted source of information.

By receiving a marketing piece consistently each month over a period of time, even though they don’t know you, people start to feel they can trust you. Strategy is key here, not ‘spray and pray’, in order to build market share.

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