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Feature Interview: Fiona Blayney with Sarah Bell

In our latest feature interview from the AREC2017 Elite Agent Studio, Sarah Bell talks to Fiona Blayney about how real estate agents can work with property management to gain more listings.


Sarah Bell: Welcome to the Elite Agent couch, Fiona.

Fiona Blayney: Thank you very much, Sarah.

Sarah: Talk to me about how our sales agents can just get more listings from their property managers.

Fiona: Look I think the first thing is forget the notion that property management is in one side of the room and sales people are in the other side of the room. We’re all dealing with the exact same market space.

You walk down the street, and you are literally in and amongst a real estate market. We’ve done some great work, which I shared on the Transform program so people can go back and watch it around actually identifying the dollar value of that human in terms of what they contribute to the real estate coffers.

Sarah: And over the course of a lifetime, these people, they start as tenants and they become buyers, and home owners, then landlords. If you can nurture someone through that property journey and life cycle.

Fiona: Absolutely. What you do today and who you talk to today, it makes your life easier in five years time, in six years time, in seven years time. You are literally banking your prospective purchasers and sellers for five years. I’ve got businesses now where we’re going through that process and they’re banking and they’ll have 50 sales in seven years time based on some core metrics that they’re doing right now.

Sarah: Do we make the mistake sometimes of categorising people too much? You’re a tenant, you’re a landlord, you’re a home owner. Things change all the time and everybody’s circumstances just change all the time.

Fiona: That business owner really needs to take responsibility for who’s [their] market. And I know the sub-agent in that example you gave, I’m going to just deal with these 20 people, 30 people, 100 people, whatever the number ends up being, a couple of hundred.

But the business owner [is] actually saying, “I’m going to manage all data, and I’m going to have a communication strategy whereby we can engage with the wider market on a meaningful regular basis, so that I’m creating this pipeline ongoing,: and I think that today the most important role in an organisation of that style is actually the person that’s managing the data, who’s managing the communication strategy for the next 12 months, two years, three years, and beyond.

Sarah: Fiona, thanks so much for your time, it’s nice to catch up with you on the couch.

Fiona: It’s lovely to be on the couch, thanks for having me, enjoy your day.

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