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Feature Interview: Ash Weston with Claudio Encina

In our latest feature interview from the AREC2017 Elite Agent Studio, Claudio Encina talks to Ash Weston about his team structure at Ray White Frankston and what's next for their business.


Claudio Encina: Here we are at AREC 2017, and we’ve got the pleasure of meeting Ash Weston from Ray White Frankston. He’s just come off stage. Ash, thanks for joining us on the couch.

Ash Weston: Thanks for having me.

Claudio: Ash, tell me a little bit about your team.

Ash: I’ve got a team of four. There’s myself, my admin PA Bec. What she handles is what I call ‘stock-in’. I can lease the property, give her the agency agreement. She’ll phone the vendor, introduce herself, and then keep in touch with the vendor all the way leading up to that property going on the market.

She organises the photo shoot, video shoot. She’ll get a stylist out to the property to offer a consultation. She’ll follow up tradespeople and organise quotes.

Once it’s on the market, then that’s when myself and my sales PAs take over from there. I’ve got two sales associates. They handle all the prospecting of the farm area. So they’ll have letter boxed off the farm areas. They’ll do the cold calls.

They call my database also, and then what they also do is they work with me on the sales campaign. And then they do all the tasks between sold through to settled, to make sure the client experience is awesome.

Claudio: What I’m hearing, Ash, is everyone has a clear job description and what their role is within the team.

Ash: If everyone’s totally clear on what they do, there’s actually no overlap of tasks, which means you can get a lot more out of the team. The other thing it allows you to do is it allows you to hold each team member accountable, and we all hold ourselves accountable and each other accountable to the tasks that we do, because we’re super clear on what our responsibilities are.

Claudio: How often would you meet as a team?

Ash: We catch up on a Monday morning. I’ve got two whiteboards above my desk, and what’s on there is what I call the stocking board, and that’s got every single task to get that property on the market.

I’ll catch up with my stock-in PA on a Monday morning. We’ll go through every task, review where every property’s at, look at all the tasks that are coming up for the week. She’ll write them in her diary on the day that they’re due, then we’ll catch up again mid-week to review those tasks, and make sure everything’s going to be done by the end of the week.

I’ll have that same meeting with my stock-out PAs, which are my sales associates. The thing with team members as well is, no one’s perfect. You’ve got to lead your team. They’re going to forget things. They’re going to miss things because they are busy as well, but if you’ve got a good structure, then you can help them keep accountable and get more out of them as well.

Claudio: You’ve got the basics. You’ve mastered it. I call it black belt. What’s the next bit for you to continue to grow your business? Is that social media?

Ash: Every property that I lease has a $200 Facebook campaign. We got in and we target the demographics. We target the age bracket that’s going to suit that property. We market those properties out to the community. I feel my real joy is actually in helping others achieve their goals. That’s where I’ve gotten my success from, as an agent, is helping my team members become great themselves. My next journey is implementing my EBU across my whole office to increase the performance of all my sales people.

Claudio: Oh, mate, that sounds like a great plan. Ash, I really thank you for joining us here on the couch at the Elite Agent Magazine at AREC 2017. Thank you so much.

Ash: Thanks for having me.

Claudio: All the best and good luck.

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