Area Specialist has revealed its brand-new website

Months in the making, the new site has been designed to ensure Area Specialist agents leave the best possible digital footprint.

“It’s been a substantial investment,” Area Specialist Founder Michael Choi said.

“It has taken months to build the site from the ground up, but we felt our agents needed the very best digital footprint for when prospective clients are doing their Google searches for which agent to list with.”

A website is your resume, Mr Choi said, and needs to look sharp, modern and clean – while also having the very best UX and SEO.

“Our new website has achieved our goals and has been optimised in every way possible,” he said.

“It is state-of-the-art, and we truly believe it’s now one of the best real estate agency websites in Australia.”

The site includes features such as improved lead generation for landlords and sellers, improved user experience, and optimisation for Google and Facebook retargeting, as well as SEO. 

Sharp, modern and professional design complements the sychronisation and integration with Area Specialist’s CRM, along with backend national reporting and analytics. 

“There’s also the ability for buyers to join a ‘special list’, enabling them to receive notifications about off-market properties, or properties before they go on major portals,” Mr Choi said.

“One of the key advantages of Area Specialist compared with other mobile style models is that while each agent has their own logo and colours, we have also achieved a strong focus on a clean, modern one brand approach.

“That then creates leverage, brand awareness, strong market share and synergy, and means we can invest substantial amounts of time and money into things like our website to benefit all Area Specialist agents.”

Mr Choi said his vision was to achieve the brand recognition of a major franchisor, but without the fees usually required by franchisees.

“This is only possible with a consistent and clean national brand,” he said.

“We have also created personal websites for each Area Specialist agent, that are highly tailored to them and their local market”

“Both personal and corporate websites will link back to each other to further help SEO and improve the digital interview process for prospective clients.”

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Nicole Madigan

Nicole Madigan is a freelance journalist for Elite Agent.

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