Angela Capitanio caps off 34 years with Ray White

The first Ray White salesperson in Queensland to achieve $100 million in residential sales, Angela Capitanio has celebrated 34 years with the company.

The Announcement:

The much-loved property doyenne of North Queensland, Angela Capitanio, has just celebrated 34 years with the Ray White Group.

The name Angela Capitanio is synonymous with real estate in the Cairns region.

During her long and illustrious career, the recently retired Ray White Cairns Central principal listed more than 2000 properties, and settled more than $570 million worth of sales value.

She began her real estate journey from the tea room of a Ray White office in Cairns in 1987 to become a well respected and highly successful salesperson within the global group.

On her retirement, Ray White Queensland Director Tony Warland thanked Ms Capitanio for her long service and for always championing the leading brand with so much pride and dignity.

“To us Angela is a prized national treasure not only for the fact she was the first Ray White salesperson in the state to achieve $100 million in residential sales with an average sale price of $62,500 but also her long-term support of our group.

“Angela’s been our vanguard in the north.”

Just prior to Ms Capitanio starting in real estate she lost her husband to ill health and raised her three children alone.

“Her family has always been her key motivator and top priority,” Mr Warland said.

“Her journey was one of Ray White folk law. The story goes that when she first started in 1987 they didn’t even have a desk for her, so they suggested she use the benchtop and cupboard in the lunch room until she had a desk.

“Again as the legend goes, on her first day she had arranged with some buyers to show a property and on her way to that appointment she was in a bad car accident, which totaled her car and yet she still walked to the property to show it.

“After the inspection the buyers drove her back to the office, where Angela asked for assistance on how to do a contract. Since then her accolades as a business woman and the success of Ray White Cairns grew.

“Angela of course enjoyed for more than two decades a business partnership with Therese Plath and together they genuinely assisted their community and found success for themselves and their families.

“It may not be known by most, but it is apparent that in many of our training documents the learnings that Angela Capitanio and others that she worked with back in the day, like Peter Straguszi, Paul Stirling, Brett Graham and others became a large body of our content.”

The Ray White Group is truly thankful and appreciative of everything Ms Capitanio achieved in her long and stellar career.

Source: Ray White Group

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