A List Winners Revealed

Queensland’s coveted ‘A List’, which highlights the top one percent of sales performers in the state, has been unveiled for the fourth year running.

Mercedes-Benz Brisbane is the inaugural and major sponsor of the event. Emily Kindred from the A List said their support makes the event possible.

“Without the support of our sponsors, Mercedes-Benz Brisbane and PriceFinder, we wouldn’t have an A List. We’re so appreciative of their ongoing support,” she said.

The list of 150 agents is spread across every market of Queensland and assesses 18,000 registered salespeople based on their sales performance and stock volumes, relevant to their individual marketplaces.

Revealing insight into best real estate agents across the state, the 2016 rankings were formulated through Price Finder and showed that one in 12 properties across Queensland is sold by an A-Lister.

“As leading agents know, the tools used are critical to success in the current market. The robustness of Pricefinder data coupled with a best-in-class user experience makes it a core part of Domain’s agent offering, and we are pleased to be the official data provider for this year’s A-List. Congratulations to the winners,” said Damon Pezaro, Domain Group Chief Product Officer.

The 2016 results showed the average salesperson in Queensland made nine sales across three suburbs, with a total value of $4.5 million, whereas the average A List salesperson made 43 sales across nine suburbs, with a total value of $21 million.

The first non-self nominated award in the state, one in four agents on the 2016 A List have made the rankings at least three years consecutively. One such A-Lister is Ray White Broadbeach agent, Sam Guo, who has been named on the A List since it launched in 2013.

Sam sold $110 million worth of real estate last financial year and is not only a prominent name on the A List, he’s the Ray White Group’s number one performer internationally.

Hosting a one-day conference to bring the A List agents together on 9 November 2016, the event is tailored to not only recognise the industry’s leaders, but also provide a platform of learning and thought leadership through keynote speakers.

Speakers at this year’s event include Steve Sammartino, an expert on marketing in the technology age, Kristen Hansen who will teach about emotional resilience and brain-based development and Domain Group’s chief economist, Dr Andrew Wilson.

This year’s A List are

Alexandra Porter
Angela Duncan
Ben Leong
Clint Hynes
Damon Warat
Darrell Johnson
Dean Hamilton
Janine McDonald
Josie Smith
Kate Handley
Kym Saunders
Mark Gelsomino
Michelle McLeod
Owen Chen
Rob Murphy
Simon Booker
Sonya Treloar
Tim Heffernan
Tina Nenadic
Zak Smith
Byrony Oneill
Denis Najzar
Dion Saab
Helene Shephard
Isaac Nguyen
Jane Doogan
Judi O’dea
Judy Eddy
Julie Mahoney
Karl Latham
Kim Murdoch
Michael Spillane
Michele Hyde
Nyree Ewings
Sam Guo Julia Kuo
Vicki Hodges
Adam Ingram
Aidan Wales
Amie Palmer
Andrea Brown
Andrew Oostenbrink
Bev Woosley
Brad Johnston
Brad Sissons
Brent Illingworth
Brenton Falknau
Brett Richards
Brian Lambert
Bruce Gatfield
Cara Bergmann
Christine McKay
Craig Lea
Daniel Steinberg
David Bishop
Dwight Colbert
Gerard Black
Giles Gargan
Gisele George
Grant Stone
Jacqui Walker
Jan Lee
Jo James
John Andrew
John Ryland
John Ward
Judith Crawford
Karl Gillespie
Ken Chin
Kerri Tomlinson
Kim Ridings
Lachlan Smith
Lauren Molijn
Les Svensson
Lisa Terare
Luke Barnes
Mandy Atherton
Margaret Hill
Marlene Baker
Martin McDonough
Mason Niari
Matthew Jabs
Maxine Richardson
Megan Lebherz
Megs Walker
Narelle Lorensen
Neil Mundy
Patrick McKinnon
Peter May
Richard Bird
Robyn Hawley Whitton
Russell Matthews
Sam Landon
Sandra Cooper
Shaun McCulloch
Simon Salm
Sonia Poole
Stan Politanski
Steve Paterson
Steve Pertzel
Steve Venn
Steven James
Susan Roser
Teri Maguire
Brad Munro
Debbie North
Nadine Edwards
Alex Whitcombe
Chris Blakeley
Craig Johnson
Daniel Waters
David Luscombe
Justine Dill
Kate Pade
Kerry Lewis
Liam Booker
Linda McCabe
Matthew Demaid
Melita Bell
Michael Ortiz
Nathan Strudwick
Nicole Plozza
Roxanne Paterson
Shona McKenzie
Stuart Legg
Tiffany Krause
Will Torres
Allison Gough
Ann Vella
Barbara Harris
Cain Scheiwe
Darren Bonehill
Dean Dank
Di Webb
Donna Mills
Eddie Nguyen
Gayl Fryer
Ian Cuneo
Mark Daniel
Nicky Faulks
Paula Pearce
Sam Hargrave
Terry Zheng
Diann Platt
Ed Hollingworth
Jayne Finlay
Ryan Smith
Craig Loudon
Daniel Spyve
Georgie Haug
James Curtain

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