Agents urged to remain vigilant on social distancing requirements

After a return to stricter controls in Victoria, the REINSW is urging agents to remain vigilant when it comes to social distancing.

Noting the current situation in Victoria is a timely reminder for all that COVID-19 has not been put to rest, they’re calling on agents to exercise caution, especially at a time when the property market is proving buoyant. 

The REINSW explained recent weeks had seen many more potential buyers coming through open homes and attending auctions.

“To avoid the Victorian- style restrictions being imposed in NSW, it is critical that agents remain vigilant and compliant with the current social distancing requirements,” REINSW CEO, Tim McKibbin said.

“The NSW Government relaxed the restrictions imposed as part of the initial shutdown, enabling agents the ability to conduct open homes and auctions.

“To protect consumers and continue enjoying these concessions, it is important that all agents not only comply with the minimum requirements, but also embrace the spirit of these consumer protection measures.

“The Victorian experience is a pertinent reminder for all NSW agents to stay vigilant.

“The ability for agents to hold open homes and onsite auctions is a valuable concession, not a right.

“If we don’t have agents complying with the COVID-19 restrictions, then a removal of the concessions and a return to more draconian measures is likely.

“As has been demonstrated in Victoria over the past week, the ability to carry on showing homes and conducting auctions is a concession that can be taken away at a moment’s notice,” Mr McKibbin said. 

“The NSW community has done the right thing and by doing the right thing we have this virus in a manageable state.

“However, the Victorian experience shows just how easily COVID-19 can re-emerge and the problems that creates for the property industry.

“If this were to happen in NSW it would mean the relaxed social distancing requirements that we are currently enjoying could be reversed.” 

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