Agents need to plan auction campaigns early ahead of a busy Spring

With listings set to rise this Spring selling season, it’s critical that agents start planning their auction campaigns early to ensure they get the best possible result, according to an expert.

AuctionWORKS, Chief Auctioneer and Director, Jesse Davidson said it’s a mistake for agents to leave their planning to the last minute.

“Planning ahead and being prepared allows you to monitor the market and launch your auction campaign at the optimum time,” Mr Davidson said.

“Importantly, it also allows you to secure your auctioneer of choice.”

Mr Davidson said just as agents become busier during the Spring selling season, so do auctioneers. 

“Our calendars fill up quickly with bookings and by planning ahead you have a much better chance of securing your preferred auctioneer,” he said.

He said agents should look to reach out to their auctioneer of choice before locking in their auction date.

“We always advise agents to contact us before they commit to an auction date and time,” he said. 

“This means they have more certainty when planning their auction campaign.

“In some instances, where agents are planning a number of campaigns, they’ll book a range of dates and times. 

“They can then go back to their various vendors and decide which is most suitable for the campaign. It’s an opportunity to explain why a quality auctioneer – and indeed their auctioneer of choice – is pivotal to the end result, so locking them in early is important.”

“It also ensures you don’t have to go back to your vendors to explain why the auction date that you agreed with them now has to change.”

Mr Davidson said good agents and auctioneers know how to get the job done.

“I’m a firm believer in the fact that if you are a good agent and you have a quality auctioneer, the property will sell at any time on any day,” he said. 

“The time doesn’t necessarily matter.”

He said there are sometimes factors that should be taken into consideration with certain properties. 

“For example, a property may get beautiful morning sun, so you want to remind potential buyers by showcasing this fact with a mid-morning auction time,” he said.

“Or if the property is two doors up from the local primary school, an auction at afternoon pick-up time is best avoided.

“In these sorts of cases, planning ahead ensures that you can secure your auctioneer at a time that is most suitable to the property.”

Mr Davison said being proactive and organised in your planning also sets the tone with vendors.

“Planning ahead also demonstrates to your vendors your professionalism as an agent, because you can show that you have a process in place and that you are delivering on the promises you make to them,” he said.

“It provides vendors with certainty and allows them to buy into the process.”

By working with the team at AuctionWORKS, you can achieve the best possible auction result for your vendors this Spring.

Contact AuctionWORKS today to secure your preferred auctioneer for your Spring campaigns.

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Rowan Crosby

Rowan Crosby is a freelance journalist specialising in finance and real estate.

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