Advancing Australia’s prosperity: REIA launches 2025 strategy

The new vision for the 2025 real estate sector is about better delivering for business, practitioners and the communities they serve through member institutes.

The Announcement:

The Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) has today launched its REIA 2025: Advancing Australia’s Prosperity articulating the vision for Australia’s real estate sector out to 2025. 

Speaking from Cairns to a forum of 40 local real estate agents, REIA President, Mr Hayden Groves said that regional Queensland had been specifically selected to launch REIA 2025. 

“Many Australians are facing an uncertain future with inflation and rising interest rates and REIA seeks to ensure the fundamental basics such as housing is at the forefront,” he said.

“REIA’s job is to ensure that real estate practitioners remain the trusted brokers of property transactions as technology, the economy and the consumer evolves with the times and that they are there to support the consumer and community. 

“REIA’s 2025 strategy is aimed at preparing practitioners for these shifts and continue their success in the face of change.

“Local real estate agents running local businesses in communities like Cairns are at the heart of this.

“That is why our 2025 vision is Advancing Australia’s Prosperity – recognising the role agents play in helping Australians into homes as tenants or home owners, creating the communities in Australia’s suburbs, towns and cities and being a vital small business in Australia’s network of 44,000 businesses.” 

Mr Groves said the Institute has already achieved major changes for Australians including a commitment to retain negative gearing by all governments along with assistance to first home buyers.

“As a result of our lobbying, for instance, the Labor party – now the Government – dropped their plans to phase out negative gearing and changing CGT last year. This was a direct consequence of years of REIA lobbying in Canberra and running a campaign that reached 11 million voters in 2019

“This year, we secured bi-partisan support for 50,000 new places for the government’s Home Deposit Guarantee Scheme – worth a projected $30 billion in sales to first home buyers – as well as a commitment to deliver and fund a National Plan for Housing and Homelessness.”

Mr Groves said that REIA 2025 defines our strategy to continue to create changes that benefits our industry and the community’s real estate agents serve. 

“We have a proven track record in working with governments and industry and in achieving outcomes that benefit all Australians,” he said.

“So, some of REIA 2025 of this is simply continuing to do what we do well like evidenced based advocacy for small businesses and property customers, promoting of the significance of Australia’s $9.9 trillion-dollar real estate asset and of course leading industry ethics, best practice and excellence that add value to our REI’s and our collective membership.

“New programs including Project Blockchain, REIA’s Commercial Agency Engagement Program and Axe the Tax are already gaining momentum in the industry as well as a to-be-unveiled consumer facing trust program.”

Mr Groves said that REIA 2025 is ultimately about better delivering for business, practitioners and the communities they serve through member Institutes.  

“REIA is your representative body in Canberra and we’ve been in business since 1924. Driving listings and defending our natural place at the centre of every real estate transaction is our north star.” 

REIA 2025 can be viewed at REIA – Our Strategy

Source: Real Estate Institute of Australia

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