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Adrian’s calling it for the kids

Whipping up a crowd is second nature for legendary Melbourne auctioneer Adrian Butera of Compton Green.

With 4500 auctions under his belt, he knows a thing or two about the game and he’s addicted to the thrill of the bidding.

Like any seasoned performer, however, he says there are shows and then there are shows.

Right now, he’s warming his golden tonsils for the show of the year: the Good Friday Appeal Charity House Auction.

This year’s auction will be Adrian’s 12th for this great cause and he’s as excited about the prospect as ever.

He’s dad to three kids who have all been to the Royal Children’s Hospital. So, frankly, so it’s personal.

“It is a personal thing,” Adrian says.

“And when you have a passion for auctioneering, which I do, and you’re given the option of doing this for Royal Children’s Hospital it’s an honour. It’s a real pinnacle.

“There are lots of auctioneers in Victoria who call auctions because it’s business. I can do a house every day of the week but there is a huge difference to call one for the most special charity and hospital in Melbourne.

“I’m pretty chuffed about it.”

Pinnacles are something Adrian’s naturally drawn to, physically and metaphorically.

Last year, he climbed to Everest’s Base Camp, a few years earlier he tackled the rugged Kokoda.

“Everest was a personal goal, I’m 48 and it was a big deal for me,” he says.

The climb was also about raising money for Project RockIT, which supports kids facing bullying and mental illness.

The Royal Children’s is particularly special, though.

“I have three kids, 11, 13 and 16 – two girls and a boy – and they’ve all been there for something,” Adrian says.

“My oldest was crook in the middle on the night, throwing up. We took him into the hospital.

“The middle one had discoid eczema, where your skin bleeds. She spent a week in there.

“The youngest one had an ambulance ride there recently, we thought she’d busted her arm but luckily she didn’t.”

This year’s Good Friday Appeal Charity Home is a magnificent two-storey Electra 35sqm home by Henley at Villawood Properties’ Rathdowne estate at Wollert.

Fully furnished and landscaped as well, it will be auctioned by the very capable Adrian Butera at 2pm on Good Friday, 10 April.

A spectacular street party will get under way earlier, at 12 noon, as the local community comes together to support the Good Friday Appeal. It will feature:

⦁ Free family-friendly event
⦁ Rides and bouncing inflatables
⦁ Face painting 
⦁ Roaming performers
⦁ Live acoustic performances


  • The 2020 house is Henley’s Electra 35. The 35 square home comes complete with alfresco, four spacious bedrooms, five living areas, and expansive dressing room in the master suite.
  • The home features luxury fittings and fixtures, professional landscaping, decking, ducted heating and air-conditioning, and window coverings.
  • All the furniture in the home has been donated and will be sold as part of the overall auction price.
  • The house is situated on a 512m2 block at 5 Newry Street, in Villawood’s Rathdowne community at Wollert.
  • Located just near the coming Club Rathdowne, the lucky buyer can enjoy an exclusive residents-only facility with luxurious swimming pool, multi-use courts, fully-equipped gym, function room and café beside a park with play zones, playground and large kick-about areas.

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