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Adam Scott: The truth no matter how tough

Adam Scott of Reval Estate Agents QLD says the best advice he received when he began his real estate career is simple: Give the client the information they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

On getting into real estate
Real Estate was always something I really wanted to do and I thought I could be good at it, but it was always too much of a risk to move away from my safer career positions. Then, after a bit of a brain fart where I quit a job with no back up plan, I finally had nothing to lose in trying out real estate. I’ve never looked back, really. Best brain fart I ever had.

The happiest moment in my career
Without a doubt my happiest moment was selling a home for the loveliest older couple ever. After a failed auction with another agent I secured them an extra $45k over the previous agent and that extra money made an enormous difference to them in their retirement.

The most memorable moment
I will always remember my first $1M-plus property. I had been pushing for a couple years to get some of the more high-value listings in my area. The owner had designed and had it built himself, so he knew every detail. I was so passionate about it that I absorbed every single detail he said. When I look back now, it was nice but nothing truly special. But I think my enthusiasm was why we got such a great result. I still remember those little details that I showcased to buyers.

Best advice he’s received
We have to give the client the information they need to hear, not what they want to hear. The truth, no matter how tough. That’s why we get paid the big bucks.

Biggest challenge
The way in which we communicate with our market, either via prospecting or marketing. We need to stop the spray and pray approach. We need to be smarter and more targeted so we don’t overdo it and wear the consumer out by contacting or marketing to the consumer too frequently before they are ready to receive our message.

Change for good?
Better training and support for new agents. The churn needs to stop. Also, be more selective when recruiting. Some people just aren’t cut out for real estate. Bring the right people in, train them right, and our industry will be less cluttered with cowboys, fewer competitors, and have a better reputation.

‘Elite’ agent means
Someone who remains professional through every part of the process and achieves consistency in their performance from being process driven. Also, constant incremental improvement – always be learning.


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