A toast to reimagining the Cahill Expressway

The Property Council of Australia has welcomed plans to transform Sydney’s Cahill Expressway into a world-class party stage for seven days over New Year.

The Announcement:

NSW Executive Director of the Property Council of Australia Jane Fitzgerald on Saturday said the reimagining of the Cahill Expressway as a place for Sydneysiders to enjoy, and importantly to show the world why Sydney is the best place to live, work and play, was another great step in the COVID recovery plan.

The Property Council has advocated for the use of public spaces in the CBD to help support the city businesses that have suffered during the pandemic and attract foot traffic and workers back to the engine room of the NSW economy, the Sydney CBD.

“Supporting our CBD businesses, including the small businesses, restaurants and bars that make the city vibrant, is an important aspect of making the city a place people want to be,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

“Yesterday we saw a Property Council initiative to attract office workers back into the city on Fridays with a new $50 million TGIF voucher scheme announced by the NSW Treasurer and today’s Cahill Expressway plan will turn an eyesore into a welcome mat for families, fun and a bit of frivolity.”

Ms Fitzgerald said Sydney Harbour is one of the worlds most iconic vistas and giving Sydney-siders a week to enjoy it from a week-long “pop up High Line” perspective was to be applauded.

“Giving people the opportunity to enjoy this, and the publicity that comes with that, will highlight how well Sydney has managed the pandemic and why people, businesses and capital should be attracted to Sydney,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

“The Treasurer has clearly reviewed the great suggestions made at his second ‘Ideas Summit’ and we are delighted he has embraced the Property Council’s ideas.”

The initiative will be funded as part of the NSW Government’s $200 million State Significant Event Fund – to be delivered over four years.

Research by the Property Council of Australia and EY, released in March, shows, 65 percent of people believe the CBD will be a great place to meet people for memorable experiences, and 63 percent say the CBD is the best place for entertainment and events.

“The Sydney CBD makes up about seven percent of the country’s GDP in generated in our CBD so Sydney getting its groove back is integral to the economic health of the nation.”

Source: Property Council of Australia

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