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A 2-step guide to wow on Facebook

Sometimes it’s hard know how to engage with your prospects on social media. Most experts say think like being at a barbeque. Be professional and talk about real estate sometimes, (if you didn’t talk at all about your work that would be weird right?) and talk about other things the same way you would at a social event.

But there is a way to really WOW someone that you want to either impress or thank you to. It involves two things, firstly paying attention and secondly being a little generous.

Next time you look at your newsfeed really take a hard good look at people’s status updates. What are people doing, how they are feeling, where they are. Note any check-ins to local places.

Now get your credit card out and start thinking about thoughtful gifts. If the person went somewhere, for example a restaurant and loved it, get them a voucher at the same place at Christmas or their Birthday. If they update their status as “feeling tired” start thinking about local spa’s. If they check into a coffee shop call the coffee shop and take care of the bill.

Imagine if someone put that sort of thought into doing something nice for you. Would you remember it? Of course you would. PS Don’t forget to update your CRM with any intel!


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