24-year-old young gun writes $22M from his bedroom

Armed with nothing more than a laptop and mobile phone, 24-year-old Andrew Diadyk sold more than $22 million worth of property in the 12 months to November – all based from his bedroom office in the Ingleburn home he shares with his mother.

Despite on and off lockdowns and restrictions, Mr Diadyk sold 32 individual properties throughout the Campbelltown region and surrounding areas, for an average sale price of $692,000, handling the entire process from administration through to settlement.

“All I had was a laptop set up on my desk and my phone – simple and effective,” Mr Diadyk says.

“That’s all I needed.”

Mr Diadyk got his first real estate job at 17 years of age, after watching his parents buy and sell properties throughout his teens.

“My parents were actively buying property in the market, therefore I was lucky to get a glimpse at the front end of the real estate scene by attending open for inspections.”

It wasn’t something he planned though, leaving school to study business administration, followed by a few solid years of labouring work.

“This gave me a great work ethic, and the drive to do well in anything I did,” he says.

“My first year in real estate was at the age of 17, working as a trainee, and learning from the ground up.

“I learnt the basics of cold calling, door knocking and all the back-end parts of real estate, things that may seem easy to do now, however back then I was super shy and just breaking out of my comfort zone.”

The following year, Mr Diadyk moved into strata management, affording him greater responsibilities, including taking care of compliance, repairs and maintenance for up to 50 strata managed complexes.

“This was a great experience, which set the foundation when it came to customer service, management skills and dealing with owner’s corporations,” he says.

“But after doing strata management for a year and a half, I realised my heart and passion was in sales.

“The emotional journey and the rewarding feeling of seeing happy sellers and buyers was my thrill.” 

So, Mr Diadyk set about establishing his one-man-band business, based out of his bedroom in the family home, making a conscious decision to avoid agencies.

“I didn’t want to walk into a turnover business,” he says.

“The experience and personal touch that I could bring to clients was my goal. I saw that the only way I could mould that in my own way was by working for myself.”

Of course, as a 20-year-old, solo operator, who ‘could pass for 18’,  Mr Diadyk had some work to do.

He took an old-fashioned approach, and set about pounding the pavement.

“I mainly door knocked followed by cold calls,” he says.

“It was a long journey building up contacts one by one.

“With my age and track record, starting with zero sales under my belt and being freshly 20, it was not easy.

“I was coming up against seasoned agents that had an extensive track record.”

But being young and fresh did have its advantages.

“I could give all the time in the world to my sellers and buyers. There was nothing too small or too much to ask from me,” he says.

“When it came to servicing and communication, I was all over it.

“My goal was to do more than anyone else would, make people think ‘wow’ throughout the process.

“Some people were hesitant, others gave me a shot as they saw me as a ‘go-getter’, and I delivered on it every time, and built momentum off the back of that.”

Like many successful professionals, regardless of industry, Mr Diadyk had the guidance and support of a trusted mentor.

“Tim Ferguson, a local agent that I worked with, believed in me and gave me advice from the early stages.

“Being 20 and selling on my own, a big part of learning was from his wisdom and experience.

“I also took on a real estate coach, Jess Densley, from the age of 22 which helped excel my skills.”

Just as Mr Diadyk was beginning to make some headway, COVID-19 hit, sending the property industry into a spin.

But rather than be disheartened, Mr Diadyk looked at the pandemic as a motivating challenge.

“What went through my mind was that I needed to adapt and improvise,” he says.

“People still need to sell and buy due to different circumstances and stages in their life.

“I helped guide sellers and buyers with helpful and relevant information, and stayed in touch with all my contacts when we were in lock down periods.”

But it hasn’t come without blood, sweat and tears.

“Working seven days a week, and long hours. But it’s not a problem when it’s your passion,” he said.

“My philosophy is providing exceptional service, building trust, and delivering on my promise – and the results show.

“My approach is personal, and I care about the client.”

Mr Diadyk believes going through the hard yards as a solo operator has also played a role in his ability to provide a complete service to his clients.

“I understand the whole process from start to finish.

“I ensure no step is missed, everything is done right, and everyone is updated in the process of the sale.

“It gives sellers the confidence that I can not only sell their home, but will make sure that the details in the back end are covered.”

But after four years going it alone, things have now changed for Mr Diadyk, having recently joined Stone Real Estate.

So, why now?

“To join a team that has goals and visions that are aligned with mine,” he says.

One thing that won’t change though, says Mr Diadyk, is his level of service, and his approach to client communication.

“Never,” he says.

“It will add even more value to my clients. I am at the forefront of all dealings.

“I want to continue growing, double my numbers, and help more people.”

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Nicole Madigan

Nicole Madigan is a freelance journalist for Elite Agent.