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Victorian Treasurer offers hope to real estate agents angered by restrictions

Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas has suggested a level of flexibility in the much-maligned Victorian roadmap that may give relief to frustrated real estate agents.

Mr Pallas reportedly told the Property Council of Australia that the government would access data to see if the proposed targets of the road map were “exactly as we would like them to operate”, adding, “There will, of course, be capacity to adjust at the margins”.

“That’s largely to continue to assess whether or not there are any unintended consequences or areas where we think we’ve been a little too hard on the community or the business sector without compromising our overall objectives,” Mr Pallas said.

That sounds like hope, and it can’t come soon enough.

Premier Daniel Andrews meanwhile praised NSW’s build-to-rent projects, and hinted at similar stimulus for Victoria, calling it an “increasingly viable option”.

“We have seen NSW have come up with some strategies around how build-to-rent might be applied,” Mr Andrews said.

“We’re looking at those and we’re considering what our options are. I am very sympathetic to this delivery mode. There is certainly some value in it and the government is looking at what we can do to support it.”

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