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Tremendous savings recorded by Aussie family with Tesla’s Powerwall home batteries

One Australian homeowner has saved $2,110.46 in annual electricity bills, paying a total of just $178.71 in the past twelve months with the use of Tesla’s Powerwall home batteries.

The Pfitzner family were Australia’s first owners of the Tesla power battery and say they have managed to reduce their total electricity bill by 92.2 percent since their system was installed by Natural Solar in their Sydney’s Hills District home in January last year.

Chris Williams, managing director of Natural Solar, the supplier of the Tesla Batteries said in a statement, “Power bills are continuing to surge at a rate of 10-12 percent annually, and coupled with the end of many gross-feed-in-tariff rebates around the country; there is no doubt there will be a continuation of sharp rises in electricity bills nationwide.

“As we see ongoing evidence of bill reductions averaging 80-90 percent directly from battery installations, there is no doubt this is the future for savvy Australian consumers,”

In 2015, it cost the Pfitzner family an average of $572.29 per quarter to power their home.

Since installing Tesla’s Powerwall solar and home energy storage solution, their quarterly average costs plummeted to $44.68 last year.

There was also a vast difference recorded in the family’s October energy bill, last year after the installation of the home batteries; the family was in credit of $50.25 compared to their energy bill of $496.93 for the same period in 2015.

The Pfitzner family was Australia’s first owners of the Tesla power battery. Photo Supplied.

“At Natural Solar we are huge advocates for battery power and its ability to generate genuine dramatic savings for consumers.

“This case study alone has shown people can generate income from their system at a time where power bills are surging, and rebates have ceased,” Williams said.

The Pfitzner family home has four bedrooms, an internal laundry, a pool and outdoor area.

Their personal home energy storage solution tailored by Natural Solar includes an array of 5kWp of solar panels, Tesla Powerwall, a SolarEdge inverter and fully integrated, bi-directional cloud-based monitoring software allowing transparency on household consumption patterns and performance of their home energy storage system.

These equations will only improve as the technology improves, with the first Tesla Powerwall 2 battery installations about to occur in Australia.

The new Tesla Powerwall is a 14 kWh lithium-ion battery that can be wall or ground mounted, installed internally or externally and as the ability to store the excess daytime solar production produced during the day.

This power can be reused when at home during the afternoons or evenings.

Tesla Powerwall, which comes with a 10-year warranty, includes backup power and costs a total $13,950 including GST.

At this stage, Natural Solar provides potential consumers of the Tesla Powerwall several payment plans and options which allow customers to be cash flow positive from day one.

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June Ramli

June Ramli was a in-house journalist for Elite Agent Magazine.