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Three principles to triumph in real estate in 2021: Claudio Encina

You can view this past year as a massive disruption, or you can take it as a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience. Claudio Encina proposes three shifts you need to make to be successful in 2021.

This year has been a living classroom of lessons about how to turn sales into a genuine superpower. The year offered up many lessons about how people buy and sell. It has been one of the richest periods of discovery and insight into how to express value and to move others to action.

This year has taught us that people need to feel a level of safety in uncertain times.

Some people felt they needed to be saved as they lost their businesses, jobs and any sense of security.

The consumer today wants to buy authenticity.

Who will you be in 2021? How will your clients compare you to everyone else?

You can no longer have the same offerings as every other agent in the marketplace.

We noticed a trend this year where we began to see a clear line between agents who were dominating their marketplace and increasing their market share, versus the agents that were picking up the odd listing or sale: an unsustainable business model today and in the future.

There are three profound shifts you need to make in order to triumph in 2021


Communication is a great leveller.

You have to be able to articulate, illustrate, and demonstrate how you will enroll the client into your sales process, rather than trying to sell them a sales process.

Market intimacy is you knowing your customer better than any other agent.

Creating a communication structure, both online and offline, that is frequent, consistent and relevant, will deliver trust to the marketplace.


It’s essential to offer a level of value that is so obvious and profound that when you express it to the customer there is a high level of connection between you and the prospect.

You get them and they get you. It’s called a ‘sense of acuity’.

You have a real sense of their desires, wants and needs.

You should be able to demonstrate ‘incontestable value’ through the old-fashioned pen and paper, by drawing it.

A picture paints a thousand words. Simplicity will always prevail in a noisy and chaotic world.


This is the final shift that your clients want to see from you. We have just gone through a once-in-a-century emotional event, and safety is critical to winning more business and selling more property.

If the buyer and seller feel safer with you than without you, everything else changes. People feel they need safety.

They’re scared because of the uncertainty. You need to make your clients feel understood.

Resistance in the sales process often stems from the buyer feeling like they’re under pressure, or at risk.

If you can make the buyer feel safe all the way through the process, and reduce all the pressure, they are emotionally available to participate in the process more fully – which will allow them to opt-in more fully.

The world has changed and so the way we operate within it needs to change.

The way we do business will ultimately decide whether or not we triumph in 2021. 

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Claudio Encina

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