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The legal must-haves of going out on your own

But according to O*NO Legal Founder and Legal strategist Kristen Porter, many start-ups put legal protection in the too-hard basket, deeming it unimportant or too expensive.

“What I’m hearing is a lot of people start their business, then say they’ll deal with the legal stuff next year, or when they have more staff, or some other future date.

“But that leaves them vulnerable in the meantime.”

Ms Porter said one of the most common questions she’s asked is ‘when do I need legal protection’?

“You don’t need everything right now, but you need a plan in place,” she said.

That’s why O*NO Legal has launched its From Start-up to Success Webinar: The legal must-haves of going out on your own.

If you are in real estate and are thinking of opening your own agency, or if you have already done so and been in business less than two years then this webinar is for you,” Ms Porter said.

Starting your agency and building a valuable asset needs a solid legal foundation.

“Agencies have very different needs throughout the business lifecycle, and it can be confusing as to when you should address each operational and legal element.

“This webinar will teach you about the legal ‘must-haves’ you need to start and grow your agency’s revenue and equity value, and how to protect it.

“We’re going to be teaching you what your legal needs are, not just as a start-up, but also through the business lifecycle.”

The free webinar will also cover:

  • How sorting your legals will increase the value or your agency and have you ‘sale ready’ at all times
  • What you need to think about if you are going into business alone versus with others
  • What you need to do to create and protect your brand
  • What corporate structure is best for you.

“Many real estate agents are really good at being on the tools, but  when they step into the business owner space, they’re not sure what support they might need,” Ms Porter said..  

“One of the reasons I’ve been able to grow so quickly is because I’ve had a really good team around me.

“I want to share that with other up and coming businesses, and the first step is this webinar.”

The webinar is completely free, and  will take place 24 March 2022 at 11 am AEDT.

To register, visit https://www.onolegal.com.au/start-up-webinar-registration-page.

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Nicole Madigan

Nicole Madigan is a freelance journalist for Elite Agent.

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