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The highlight reel from Street MBA Brisbane

Our Street MBA headed to Brisbane in October and the key takeaways were priceless

Great weather, great food and great company: Street MBA headed to Brisbane in October and it was nothing short of amazing. 

We visited some of the best in the business: Coronis, Image Property and Place, and the tour highlighted how three very different businesses share common goals and core beliefs.  

Our largest tour yet made for great company, comprising of business owners and department heads from all over Australia.

We learnt a lot from each other and formed some great relationships along the way. 

  1. People first, clients second
    This is something easier said than done, but all the businesses we visited do this extremely well, and it showed in their retention of staff being miles ahead of industry standard. All three businesses shared the belief that their people are the core of their business and their clients come secondary. Whether it be through employee reward programs, an unparalleled team culture, or flexible working arrangements, they all did this extremely well.  
  2. Don’t shy away from the negative
    We heard about how all three businesses are using surveying to dictate where they are heading and their key objectives and projects. They were all very quick to point out that while they enjoy the great feedback, the negative feedback is where their true lessons lie, and this helps shape the course of where the business is going.  
  3. Equity for your key people
    This was a hot topic on this tour, and all three agencies shared the same view: keeping your key people is essential to operating a successful business and reducing staff turnover. Whilst all using different models, all three businesses believe that you have to offer your staff equity so they don’t go outside of your walls to find it. Coronis has build a partnership model to accommodate people running a business within their business as they believe this will be essential in the future.
  4. Consistency and process is key
    All of the businesses we visited, albeit different, had the same beliefs when it came to the importance of process. Joel Davis shared their platform Airtable – an exceptional platform that focused on taking the guesswork out of what his team do on a day-to-day basis and provides complete visibility in his business. Both Coronis and Place have complete transparency across their business, whether it be through live leaderboards or open databases and both believe a high performing culture, rules and process are completely necessary. 
  5. Love the ones you’re with
    We live in a culture of abundance, and never enough these days, but we heard about the detrimental effect this can have on your current database. Coronis was a great example of this, stopping all outward marketing and focusing on their current database and adding value to them. They have a strong belief that less can be more if you focus all of your effort on your current database and how you can more effectively utilise what you already have.

After a huge few days learning from some of the industry’s best, the tour group have lots of key takeaways to implement in their businesses.

As always, a big thank you to our sponsors Connect Now and EBM RentCover for being part of the adventure – it wouldn’t be possible without them. 

We are excited to take on Tasmania this month!

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Grace Hooper

Grace Hooper is Head of Property Management Growth and one half of Gill & Hooper, a boutique property management consultancy agency