The digital marketing platform turning cold calls into hot leads

Lead generation is a necessary part of real estate, but it’s far from the easiest part of the job. But what if you already knew where there were hungry vendors and could target them? And what if someone else could do all the work for you, while still branding it to your agency? Welcome to the world of Captr.

Captr creates a branded landing page, driving traffic to that page from social media and Google. From there, users are asked if they want to know what their property is worth, which leads to the generation of three types of leads. A cold lead if someone types in their address and goes no further, a warm lead if someone filled in their address and wants a report, therefore giving their email address, and a hot lead if someone wants a property appraisal.

Over the first two months, with most clients not actually completing a full month, the platform had generated 504 leads, 95 of which were warm and 24 hot – and that’s only with a handful of agents on board. In the coming months, founder Steve Cachia expects Captr will hit 1000 leads.

“It’s fantastic for our clients. The agents don’t have to do anything. They just give us the suburbs that they want to target and we do everything for them,” says Steve.

The landing page is branded for the agent or agency, so the traffic is being tailored to a specific brand and to a specific region. Captr has also removed all the guesswork for what drives traffic through testing they’ve done on their own pages.

“We keep it very simple, that’s what we found works for generating the leads,” says Steve.

The leads aren’t just for online, Captr provides targeting for mailbox drops too; “Based on the information (agents) can target their drops, their door knocking, their direct mail. Just the ones that I know of, clients have had three listings from door knocking cold leads. And that’s pretty powerful. They’re clients for life now. This is just the beginning. I get really excited about it.”

Every time a lead comes through, the agent is automatically emailed the relevant information, and it’s up to them to follow up on it.

“This is all about the initial introduction and the agent following that up with their physical marketing. That’s the way we train the clients, when (a user) requests an email report on the property; we train them so that the email followup is presented in a way that’s appealing to the customer. We want to convert those warm leads to hot,” says Steve.

Prices for Captr start at $1,240 per month, which gives agents eight suburbs to target. The company will only take one agency per area, and once that area has been claimed by an agency it’s theirs for the term of their subscription. For Steve, respecting the industry is the difference between his platform which puts the agent in control, as opposed to others offering lead generation on their own platforms. He also says they are there to help save money with things like Facebook marketing, which he says does not convert well if you aren’t an expert at it.

“A lot of agents, unless they’ve got a marketing team with the bigger agencies, they don’t do individual marketing at all. And, the way Facebook chews up advertising space if you don’t target wisely, it’s $4000 later and you’ve got nothing out of it. ”

Agents are obviously noticing the benefit of using Captr, with Steve saying in the first five weeks of the company taking on clients he was inundated with new clients. There’s sure to be more growth in the coming months for Captr, especially with the company exhibiting at AREC 2018.

“We’ve got offices that are coming on board that have huge marketing departments and they are still using our service. So I still think that there’s a gap in the market for this, and I am here to fill it.”

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Hannah Blackiston

Hannah Blackiston was an in-house journalist with Elite Agent. She worked with the company from January 2018 to January 2019.