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Suzanne Somers’ enchanting desert compound

Suzanne Somers may have been a prominent American celebrity, but her Palm Springs property was distinctly French influenced.

Sommers, who passed away earlier this year, sold her home, which was inspired by L’Oustau de Baumanière, in 2021.

It had been her residence since the 1970s, which she shared with her husband, Alan Hamel, according to TopTenRealEstateDeals.

Built into the rugged mountainside above Mesa Canyon, the home showcases a striking blend of natural elements and luxury features.

Aesthetically, the house stands out for its contrasting textures: crystal chandeliers set against natural rock and reclaimed wood create a harmonious balance throughout the property.

The house can only be reached by a private funicular or a hillside staircase, adding an extra layer of exclusivity.

Spread across over 28 acres, the estate comprises five buildings, totalling 676sq m of living space and approximately 929sq m of pavilions.

The main residence boasts seven bedrooms, including the primary suite, and nine bathrooms.

Other features include a grand dining room that accommodates 24 guests, a spacious living room, a two-room kitchen, an ample pantry, and a wine cellar.

A separate stone guest house, designed in the 1920s by Albert Frey, adds historical gravitas to the property.

Adding to the opulence are four additional bedrooms, five fireplaces, an outdoor amphitheatre carved into the mountain, two swimming pools, and a spa.

The amphitheatre seats 50 people and even features a dance floor.

A natural waterfall cascades down the mountainside, providing a serene auditory backdrop.

Romantic pathways, large terraces offering mountain views, and cosy patios weave through the property, some of which dates back to 1923.

Somers, well-known since her role in 1973’s American Graffiti, had a multifaceted career that included acting, business ventures, and healthcare products.

The sale of her distinct Palm Springs home marks the end of an era, but the property remains a unique architectural gem that encapsulates her spirit and style.

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