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Survey highlights rental uncertainty during COVID-19

A new survey from highlights the uncertainty felt by renters during the pandemic.

The National Share Accommodation Survey focused on those living in ‘share house’ accommodations and attracted over 12,000 respondents..

It shows that 20 per cent of share house renters either moved home or had a flatmate move home; that 14 per cent moved in with a partner, with half their relationships since breaking down; and that only half of those share houses that asked for a rent reduction were successful.

Seventeen per cent of city-based renters are planning to move regionally, with five per cent having already done so; with one in 11 share houses adopting a pet during lockdown.

“COVID-19 has significantly impacted renters and our Flatmates community with many experiencing job loss or reduced hours and pay,” Claudia Conley, Community Manager at, said.

“One in five share houses were affected by a flatmate moving back home to parents, while one in 10 share houses took on a new flatmate or had a partner move in to help cover costs.

“It’s not all doom and gloom, due to the uptick in properties and rooms available, prices are being driven down in some of the most sought-after areas. Now is a fantastic time to move into your dream share house in your dream location.”

Results – broken down by state

Moved home or had their flatmate move home because of the pandemic: 

Adelaide: 19%
Brisbane: 19%
Canberra: 18% 
Melbourne: 21% 
Sydney: 21%

Worried about eviction due to not being able to afford rent during the pandemic:

Adelaide: 14%
Bris: 16%
Canberra: 11% 
Hobart: 17% 
Melbourne: 23% 
Sydney: 22%

Better or worse financial position:

Adelaide: 20% better, 26% worse, 54% the same
Brisbane: 21% better, 24% worse, 55% the same 
Canberra: 18% better, 18% worse, 64% the same 
Hobart: 23% better, 28% worse, 49% same
Melbourne: 18% better, 35% worse, 47% same 
Sydney: 18% better, 32 % worse, 50% the same

Landlords gave rent reductions:

Adelaide: 17% denied rent reductions, 67% approved 
Brisbane: 7% denied, 71% approved, 14% offered a deferral 
Canberra: 0% denied, 67% approved, 33% offered deferral
Hobart: 100% offered a deferral
Melbourne: 10% denied, 60% approved, 15% offered deferral 
Sydney: 6% denied, 72% approved, 5% offered deferral

Work or employment affected by the pandemic:

Adelaide: 10% JobKeeper, 12% JobSeeker, 40% remained the same, 13% reduced hours or pay
Brisbane: 13% JobKeeper, 12% JobSeeker, 43% remained the same, 12% reduced hours or pay
Canberra: 12% JobKeeper, 7% JobSeeker, 58% remained the same, 7% reduced hours or pay 
Hobart: 8% JobKeeper, 13% JobSeeker, 35% remained the same, 11% reduced hours or pay
Melbourne: 16% JobKeeper, 14% JobSeeker, 35% remained the same, 14% reduced hours or pay 
Sydney: 15% JobKeeper, 10% JobSeeker, 43% remained the same, 15% reduced hours or pay

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