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Rent.com.au hits new milestone with one million Renter Resumes created

Rent.com.au has announced that more than one million renters have now created a Renter Resume through its site.

The company made the announcement in a trading update to the ASX, and Rent.com.au CEO Greg Bader said the one million people who had completed a Renter Resume represented a significant milestone for the business and its clients.

Designed to streamline property searches and rental applications, Renter Resume was launched in late 2016 in response to feedback from customers, who had expressed a desire for a simple way to organise, capture and reuse the information they needed for rental applications.

“They wanted to be able to demonstrate their good qualities and history as a tenant,” Mr Bader said.

“We carefully designed it as the entry point for customers beginning their renting journey, enabling us to effectively guide them through the application process.”

The announcement follows Bevan Slattery’s $2 million investment in Rent.com.au earlier this month, and falls ahead of the upcoming launch of RentPay – a portal that aims to simplify processes for agents while also giving renters more control and flexibility over payments. 

“Our immediate focus as a company is on the upcoming launch of RentPay and our user base is critical to the success of that because it is a ready-made marketing channel with over one million Renter Resume customers,” Mr Bader said.

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