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REIV implores government to allow one-on-one inspections

Touting what they call “a safe and simple answer”, the REIV has called for the Victorian Government to allow one-on-one inspections of properties to “help save many Victorians from financial distress and homelessness”.

They argue that the current restrictions are hurting potential sellers, especially considering that often people are forced into selling their home due to financial pressure, and this makes them unable to do so.

Likewise, potential buyers aren’t being given the opportunity to inspect what may be the largest investment of their lives.

“We understand that the larger gatherings at public auctions and open houses are a risk,” REIV CEO Gil King said.

“That is not what we are asking for. Private one-on-one inspections are absolutely safe.

“While online auctions can occur, they simply aren’t because people cannot see the house they want to buy. The Victorian property market has come to a standstill with zero auctions over the weekend.

“This is about people, buyers, vendors and tenants alike. Allowing private inspections means that the market will be ready for revival when the time is right.”

The industry is ready to comply with COVID-safe measures, but the legislation is an unnecessary roadblock, the REIV notes.

“The real estate industry has been prepared with systems, processes and procedures to allow safe inspections by appointment,” explained REIV President Leah Calnan.

“We see everyday the impact this hard lockdown is having on our tenants and owners; we cannot expect people to lease or buy without seeing the property.

“It will be a legal nightmare to have someone buy or rent and then want to exit the contract when they eventually see the property.”

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