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Ask the Coach: Effective Open Home Callbacks

Real estate coach and performance mentor, Claudio Encina is in the hot seat answering your most pressing questions around everything to do with sales productivity and process.

Q. How can I be more effective with my open home callbacks?

 – Jim Nikolopoulos, Belle Property Newtown

Many agents are experiencing strong numbers through open homes on weekends due to much lower stock levels than usual. This is the ideal time for you to stand out from the other agents in your marketplace by asking some high gain, high quality, high impact questions in your call-backs.

These questions are designed to get the prospect to stop and think. For example, instead of asking ‘Just getting some feedback for our vendor; did this property suit you?’ change it up to perhaps ‘What attracted you to this property?’

Callbacks on a Saturday afternoon are extremely effective, with many open home attendees available to take your call and more relaxed than on a Monday when they are at work.

Effective salespeople are able to ask some key questions which allow the prospect to stay on the phone longer. By engaging the customer, they take the relationship to a whole new level by developing the four key parts of any great relationship:

  1. Build rapport
  2. Find a connection
  3. Earn their respect
  4. Gain an element of trust

Your goal is to stay connected on the phone for three to seven minutes to achieve the four levels of the relationship; then you get permission to receive information on the prospect.

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