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NZ realtor offers no-commission sales

Mackenzie’s Real Estate in Wellington are making the leap from commercial real estate into residential, and frankly, it couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

But owner Euan Mackenzie is hoping that a zero-commission offer will help him get some properties on the books.

There’s no catch, but you need to have your property under contract before September 1. There’s a $7000 fee for marketing, but no other costs. explains that a typical commission in the area on a $500,000 sale would be between $16-$23,000.

“We decided we would expand and do all facets of real estate,” Mr Mackenzie explained.

“In doing so we thought we’d do something to get our name out there. Also, some people might be going through tough times at the moment.”

After September 1, he plans to charge a residential commission of 2.5 per cent.

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