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NSW Federation Council moves in to save iconic Castle home from being demolished

The iconic home that was used in the filming of Australia’s cult film the Castle which was in danger of being demolished will instead be placed at new a location with plans of turning it into a tourism attraction by year-end.

New South Wales Federation Council administrator Mike Eden told Elite Agent that the iconic home would be moved from Melbourne to Corowa by a private enterprise with no cost borne by ratepayers.

Eden said the relocation of the Castle home would only begin after the current tenant moves out at the end of June.

“There won’t be anything happening until then, and we hope by the end of this year everything will be done and dusted,” he said.

Eden said the Corowa Whisky and Chocolate factory would house the iconic home at one of its vacant lands with plans of turning into a bed and breakfast and a place to holds weddings.

“The bride could probably use one of the rooms to get dressed,” Eden suggested.

Eden said the current owner of house Vicki Cosentino was planning to knock it down to build two new townhouses and would be saving money on demolition cost with the move.

“It was a win for the owner as she won’t have to pay to demolish the house, she was going to knock it down anyway,” he said.

The two-bedroom house shot to fame in 1997 after it was used to tell a story on how a middle-class Australian family struggled to keep the home from being knocked down to make way for an airport expansion.

House from the Castle film no longer faces demolition.

“Corowa is the birthplace of the Australian Federation which represents constitutional rights and moving the home here was befitting as this is what this town stands for,” Eden said.

Asked why it was being moved to Corowa instead of keeping it in its original state of Victoria, Eden said:

“Corowa is a stone throw away from Victoria, and we are right on the border, and we read the Victorian newspapers.”

“…It is a very much Victorian community of interest here in Corowa, I suppose,” he said.

As Darryl Kerrigan himself would say, “That is a collectors item.”

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June Ramli

June Ramli was a in-house journalist for Elite Agent Magazine.