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Noel Jones launches consumer information site melbournepropertytalk.com.au

Noel Jones offices in Blackburn, Mitcham and Wantirna have teamed up to launch a new website to educate consumers about buying, selling and leasing property in Melbourne.  

melbournepropertytalk.com.au launched last week and is a new brand for the Noel Jones team, geared at engaging customers online before they might normally approach a real estate agent.

Director, and recent winner of REIV Salesperson of the Year, Matthew Scafidi said, “Melbourne Property Talk was a natural progression for us to offer a platform where we could truly educate, inform and communicate with our audience.”

“All without the usual real estate approach of taking, we wanted to give content-rich information that people were seeking before, during, and after their real estate experience,” said Matthew.

The business has created Melbourne Property Talk as a complementary brand which supports the lead generation and customer engagement activities of the principal business.

The site contains e-books for download, blogs, rolling statistics, suburb profiles and a request form for a property appraisal.

Josh Cobb, CEO of Stepps, has been instrumental in the strategy and development of  melbournepropertytalk.com.au.

“With the rise of other platforms, it’s harder and harder to have a conversation with the community. Because of the perception of the industry, people go to comparison websites,” said Josh.

“Noel Jones is one of best examples [of a real estate business] that have said they want a direct relationship with those consumers and [have] cut through the noise in traditional channels. That’s where good businesses in real estate are going. They are focusing on the consumer experience.

Not every agent has the resources to create an “all-in” content strategy but Josh says every agent can create valuable content and connect with their community to build leads.

“Gary V is a great example of this and at AREC he said that you need to be considering yourself as media company.

“On an individual level, that means creative content that people in your local community actually want to get from you, rather than advertising that people tolerate then throw in the bin.

“Rather than shouting from the rooftop and saying you won this award or you’re number one in community, create a blog on your website or Linkedin or WordPress talking about things people in the community are talking about,” concludes Josh.

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