New Real Estate Portal Zango Launches in Canberra

A new listing portal focused on the Canberra property market is getting set to launch in a bid to change the way locals view real estate.

Zango has been developed in collaboration with a group of local real estate agents in Canberra, who were wanting to create a wholly-owned local platform. Zango will focus on both buyers and sellers as well as renters and landlords while having a unique Canberra feel.

The difference in the Zango model will be that it will work alongside local agents and local businesses, to better meet their needs as opposed to the current model that is wholly owned and operated by nationally focused companies.

Zango Director and CEO of Ray White Canberra, Ben Faulks, is excited at what Zango is going to bring to the property market in Canberra.

“Zango is like a Canberra movement built around the real estate industry. What’s different about Zango is that it’s truly for the benefit of everybody,” said Ben Faulks.

 “It’s people coming together saying we’re sick of these multinational tech companies taking important funds and profits out of Canberra and we want to keep it local.”

“One of the other exciting things about Zango is that it gives agents a seat at the table.”

“We’re active with buyers and sellers on a daily basis and know what they need and want and we can actually have some impact on what services and products are built, to enable a better real estate experience.”

Zango has also come about in part to combat the rising costs associated with marketing on other real estate portals. With fees of around $1,500-$2,000 to list a property, the team behind Zango felt that there should be a more cost-effective option.

Incoming Zango CEO, Ian Keogh believes that listing prices are a key reason that a new portal is needed in the marketplace.

“The high prices of the incumbent portals is what makes Zango such a compelling value proposition to agents and their clients,” said Ian Keogh.

“I have had the opportunity to speak to a significant number of agency principals and agents, all of whom are focused on what is in the best interest of their clients. To date, no agents have been able to express why listing on Zango is not in the best interest of their clients. We are in the early stages of launching one of Canberra’s largest marketing campaigns to attract consumers to the site, while also offering an introductory fee free period for listings up to May 2020.”

Mr Keogh believes that increased competition in the Canberra market will drive innovation while putting downward pressure on listings costs.

“Zango is focused on delivering a portal that balances the needs of real estate agents, vendors, landlords and property developers with those of the consumer. Our priority is for the consumer to control their search results over introducing new products to increase our yield.”

“Having strong relationships with agency principals and their agents is critical and will allow Zango to collaborate with the industry to prioritise product development and set fair prices.

Real estate agent Holly Komorowski says there is a growing level of excitement in Canberra about the launch of Zango.

“It’s great to have a locally owned platform that is going to give choice to consumers,” said Holly Komorowski.

“It will be heavily focused on supporting local businesses and industries and I really love that.”

“It’’s focus is to support agents as well as consumers and is being driven from an industry perspective, so we’re hoping that will make it a better product while protecting the industry at the same time.”

Zango launches Monday the 3rd of February.

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Rowan Crosby

Rowan Crosby is a senior journalist at Elite Agent specialising in finance and real estate.