Monica, Marge, and Carrie: the TV homes we take design inspiration from

There’s a long running joke about the likelihood of the characters from Friends actually being able to afford those spacious Manhattan apartments they live in.

CNBC estimated that Monica and Rachel’s 1500 square footer would cost between $6000-7000 a month in 2018 – quite the financial stretch for a waitress and a chef.

While the constrictions of reality stop us from learning any apartment hunting tips from the Friends characters, it appears that many of us are taking design and architectural leads from the homes of our favourite TV characters.

MyJobQuote.co.uk parsed the results from search analytics tool SEMrush to find out which TV homes are Googled the most in regards to their decor, layouts, and floorplans.

A variation of searches (for example “[show name] + home”, “[show name] + interior”, “[show name] + decor” and “[show character] + bedroom”) were made for each show to see which series people take most interest and inspiration from.

The different searches for each show were totalled for their average monthly volumes.

The aforementioned Friends‘ apartment(s) came out on top, inspiring 28,230 monthly searches, with Monica and Rachel’s in particular getting 3200 searches each month.

Marge Simpson’s simple decor is in fashion, with The Simpsons‘ house receiving 25,200 searches a month, with 4100 after the layout, and 1600 wanting to see the floorplan – no doubt wondering how Homer and Bart can have full-speed chases through the living room that seem to span hundreds of metres.

Carrie Bradshaw’s Manhattan apartment – again, an unrealistic home for a weekly newspaper columnist – got 9100 searches every month, with the show’s interiors inspiring 11,800 monthly searches.

Check out which other TV pads make the list below, with the number of monthly searches for each.

The rest of the Top 15 most inspiring TV show homes:

#4: Fresh Prince Of Bel Air – 10,930

#5 Modern Family – 7699

#6 Drake and Josh – 6950

#7 Gilmore Girls – 6700

#8 Gossip Girls – 4360

#9 Stranger Things – 4330

#10 Desperate Housewives – 3780

#11 New Girl – 2820

#12 iCarly – 2480

#13 That 70s Show – 1830

#14 Big Bang Theory – 1690

#15 The Golden Girls – 590

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Nathan Jolly

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