McGrath Property, makes the most “mobile ready” brand list

ASX-listed McGrath Property, alongside brands like Kogan and the Iconic, are the only property agency company listed on the top ten most “mobile ready” brands in benchmarking study by Ansible Australia.

Ansible, a mobile marketing and technology agency revealed what they see as the top ten Aussie brands with the most significant presence at the recent Mobile World Congress, a technology conference held in Barcelona, Spain from Feb 27 until March 2.

The research dubbed as “MDEX” or for short ‘Mobile Ready Brands Index” was conducted in partnership with IPG Mediabrands, a New York stock exchange listed marketing communication specialists agency and  YouGov, an international full-service market research company based in the UK.

“The MDEX is the first study in the world to benchmark a brand’s mobile performance and will provide clients with the insights and roadmap they need to power their mobile strategy,” Ansible Australia chief Scott Player said.

Over 2,000 brands surveyed across four global regions in 15 major markets including Argentina, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom and Uruguay.

MDEX Infographics

Global brands defined by large, multinationals that had at least some presence in multiple key markets while market-specific brands were smaller brands that may only be present in a single market.

“The MDEX extends beyond research, and will leverage as an essential product for new business generation, growth and our agency’s innovation efforts,” IPG Mediabrands, New Business Product Innovation, Global President John Sintras said.

The brands quality of mobile experience was ranked based on five criteria of both mobile presence and performance for a dynamic and immersive user experience derived from a combination of the Google design principles and consumer usability survey in partnership with YouGov.

Global Results

The Top 10 Most “Mobile Ready” Global brands are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Amazon
  3.  7-Eleven
  4. Microsoft
  5. Nike
  6. Google
  7. Adidas
  8. OLX
  9. Target

The MDEX ranking is comprised of both qualitative and quantitative measures. Measurements include:

Quantitative and Qualitative Components:
– Google Search Rankings
– Google Mobile Site and App Design Principles
– Google Mobile Page Insights and Friendliness Score
– Results
– Consumer Usability Survey, executed in partnership with YouGov and Mediabrands Insights
– Ansible mobile site content analysis, based on three categories; persuasion, teachability, and ability to captivate users
– Ansible insights and analysis, consisting of product, data and research analysts, who collaborated on survey development and execution framework, along with data aggregation and analysis

Ansible determined that a quality mobile experience must encompass five key dimensions for a dynamic and immersive user experience. These were derived from a combination of the Google Design Principles and Consumer Usability Survey issued in partnership with YouGov.

· Discoverability: The capacity of a brand’s mobile website or application to be discovered when a user needs it.
· Mobile Optimisation: A technical assessment of a brand’s website optimisation for mobile (mobile web only).
· Utility and Usability: An assessment of UX in terms of intuitive design, value proposition, and consumer experience.
· Navigation and Content: The chosen structure of a brand’s mobile website, utilising easy to use menus and prioritised content.
· Driving Desired Actions: The features and functionality that drive users seamlessly through to desired actions or content (streamlined forms, auto fill, hover states).



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June Ramli

June Ramli was a in-house journalist for Elite Agent Magazine.