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The most actionable tactics and resources from all of our podcast guests

We take bullet point notes on every single podcast we do. No fluff, no filler, no extra SEO words, just actionable strategies. And… we’ve had all sorts of amazing people on the podcast. Matt Lahood, John McGrath, Tom Panos, Sabri Subi, Lisa Messenger and many many more. This is the only way to get access to all of them.

A range of sessions from exclusive training sessions, never seen before

Watched our Transform shorts, but want more? Here is where you’ll find extended audio and video presentations + other training that you cannot get anywhere else.

The entire Elite Agent (and EPM) Magazine Back Catalog

That’s more than five years of the best real estate content going around town. Some issues have been out of stock for some time. Once again, this is the only way to get access to them.

Monthly Live "Behind the News" webinars

Hang out with Mark, Sam and #TeamElite once a month – where we will chat about everything that’s been online, how to implement stuff and help each other. Members get access to audio and video replays of all webinars. Every so often we also welcome in special guests.

Bonus Training Videos

We are constantly being offered a look at what’s working – and we also love to experiment, especially when it comes to all things digital marketing. If you’ve got any questions on how to generate more leads online some of these will be answered in these videos which are constantly being updated.

One small tactic from any of these could change your business forever!

Here’s a recap of what $30 per month or $1 per day will get you

  • The entire Elite Agent and EPM back catalog (thats more than 5,000 articles and advice pieces on real estate, property management and leadership)
  • The most actionable tactics and resources from all our podcast guests. Bullet points and no fluff.
  • A range of exclusive video and audio training sessions unavailable on eliteagent.com
  • Monthly "Behind the News" webinars
  • Bonus digital marketing and productivity training videos and tutorials
  • Plus more... who knows what's coming next. Anyone who's ever done one of our courses or programs before knows we like to overdeliver, add-in little surprises, do impromptu live Q&A sessions, play guitar and much more. One thing is for sure... With us you always get more than you were promised!
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