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Key-free locks are the new real estate must-have

Earlier this month, we wrote about the first office block in Australia to incorporate completely hands-free entry.

While the developers on that high-rise had the somewhat prescient technology in the pipeline well before COVID-19 caused us all to think differently about public space, a start-up in Los Angeles is finding their hands-free offering is suddenly a hot commodity.

Openpath just raised $36 million in funding, as offices across the world are rushing to implement touch-free technology. Their system allows customers and workers to open doors with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and can be linked to G-Suite and Office 365 to schedule worker permissions and automatic locking times.

The company recently launched a new feature to allow people to use their hand, mobile phone or an action to unlock doors. It has already been installed in over 10,000 US offices.

“We’ve seen inbound leads and pipeline grow, and our resellers are sending out more proposals than ever,” CEO Alex Kazerani told tech mag Built In.

“We can definitely see a spike in web traffic as well for COVID-19 related searches for our technology.”

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